Project Manager

15 years experience

Elliott McGregor is one of two owners and founders of PLE Painting. He has 15 years of experience in the painting industry, and specializes in project management, estimates and finances, as well as relationship development. With his extensive amount of experience, he knows how to effectively plan projects and coordinate PLE’s team of Painters and Site Supers to minimize down time and efficiently complete projects close to or under budget. As a one of PLE’s founders, he envisioned building a company that raises the bar for industry standards and boosts the reputation the painting industry as a whole, and seeing his great team do that through their skills, behaviour, and accomplishments provides fulfillment every day. Some of the projects Elliott is most proud of include the LJ Christmas Manor, Collingwood Schools, and a variety of custom homes. All of these clients absolutely loved the work PLE did, and as projects they all required a high level of technicality. When he isn’t working, you will probably find Elliott surfing on the other side of the world.