Project Manager

15 years experience

As one of two owners and founders, Jay Newell, brings 15 years of painting experience and expertise to PLE. He specializes in project management as well as advanced painting techniques and applications. His skills in project management shine as his expertise allows him to develop timelines and coordinate job flows to complete projects as efficiently as possible. In addition, he is an expert at painting that requires high ladders, rope access, or specialized coatings. No matter how complex your project is, Jay is prepared to overcome any challenge. Jay takes pride in PLE’s high-level team of Painters and Site Supers, effective systematic procedures, and company culture as they raise the bar for industry standards in all aspects. Nat Bailey Stadium, Yaletown Brewhouse, and Werner Luxury Homes are some projects Jay is most proud of as they all posed unique challenges that put PLE’s painting and project management skills to the test. In addition to being one of PLE’s founders, Jay is also an avid world adventurer. He’s seen and experienced many parts of the world with a view from a kayak, snowmobile, surf or snowboard.