Your site supervisor, or “Site Super”, is your main point of contact on site. They directly coordinate the PLE commercial painting crew and are 100% dedicated to your project, overseeing on-site efficiency and ensuring things run smoothly and on schedule. From the get-go, we’ll be transparent about our operations. Your Site Super will provide regular updates. If something needs to be changed or shifted, you’ll know—in advance. If timelines need to be adjusted, the Site Super will show you the revised schedule—in advance. Our goal is to make sure you have absolute clarity. The Site Super’s job is to respond to your inquiries and to be proactive about keeping you up to date so that there are no surprises.

Project Managers are also hands-on and 100% dedicated to ensuring your project is efficiently completed. With extensive experience on projects both large and complex, they know how to effectively adapt and overcome any unexpected challenge that may affect yours. Project Managers are involved with your project from beginning to end, and coordinate PLE Site Supers and Painters to mitigate downtime when significant changes to scope and schedule are required. 

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