Good question: it will change at different stages of the process. We have systemized this in our effort to offer the best communication in the industry. Initially you will be speaking with our estimating team. Once you are confirmed for us to do the work, you will be contacted by our project management team (project manager and coordinator), who will be your primary points of contact until the project is complete. Once and while we are onsite, your site supervisor (on site crew chief) will be in ongoing contact with you as often as you want (project type dependent). Our site supervisors are experienced and highly trained in how to best communicate with you on an ongoing basis so that our crews deliver the best possible experience for you and all required information is being exchanged. With both your site super and project management team in communication, there will never be a time when you can’t reach us or are left in the dark. Regarding invoicing and payments, our accounting department will contact you at the right times to ensure you understand and are aware of what we are asking, so you can complete payments and always know where you stand.