5 Reasons Why Painting Your Interior in the Winter Is a Wonderful Idea

Dec 15, 2021

When winter arrives, most homeowners aren’t thinking about tackling a painting project. Dark and dreary days, with a sprinkle of bad weather conditions, make you want to leave any form of home renovation for a sunnier day.

But what if we told you that painting your home during the winter is actually a great idea? Interior painting can be done year-round when you have experts in the field, and it even comes with some benefits – like better availability, timing, and cost.

  1. Increased Availability

Home remodeling searches have more than doubled from 2020 to 2021. Paired with the high demand for renovations during the warmer months, this means you’re competing with hundreds of homeowners who are searching for the same thing as you. A major advantage of choosing to paint your home during the winter is less competition in the way.

Reputable professional painters book up fast during the peak seasons (Spring and Summer) Booking during the winter not only provides shorter lead times, but you could also get more one-on-one time with your contractor.

  1. Pricing Advantages

During the winter season, you’ll find that a lot of painting companies and home improvement stores offer special promotions, so don’t worry if you missed the Black Friday deals. Because most homeowners usually hold off on painting projects for the warmer months, painting companies are inevitably slower during the wintertime. To encourage customers to take advantage of winter season availability, painting companies offer special pricing – you’ll want to read until the end to learn about ours ;).  Let’s just say, booking now for an interior painting project could save you money.

  1. More ‘YOU’ Time

We all live busy lives! It’s not only businesses in the trades that are busier during peak seasons (Spring and Summer). During Spring break and the summer months, most of us are wanting to spend time enjoying the weather with family and friends and traveling. If you’re interested in more “you” time, quality time, or just an opportunity for a break it may be easier to fit in the planning and execution of a painting project into your life during the winter season.

From working with our PLE crew on a plan to selecting swatches and finishes for your home, a painting project takes up your time and attention. We can work with you to find the best time to fit a winter painting project into your life between December – February so that you can save the peak seasons for… you.

A PLE team member painting with a paint roller

Photo credit: Captureful Studio Photography

  1. Maximize Home Value for Spring

Most people list their homes on the market in the spring or summer. If you’re hoping to sell for more than the asking price, Zillow recommends aiming for the week of April 22. And try to list before September, because that’s when families start settling down to begin the school year. Dan DiClerico, a smart home expert for HomeAdvisor, said that fresh paint adds 1%-3% to a home’s final sale price. Meaning you could get $15,000-$45,000 more for the sale of your $1.5 million dollar house.

If you’re looking to increase your curb appeal to sell your home, a painting project in the winter months can kickstart the process, leaving you more time to enjoy your space and get it ready to sell in the Spring.

  1. You Can Take Full Advantage of Our Winter Promotion

If we haven’t yet convinced you that painting your interior in the winter is a wonderful idea, let’s talk about what we can offer you this winter. Between November and February, we are providing MORE for LESS on interior commercial and residential paint jobs. This means 10-20% savings if you book an interior paint job with us this winter. If you’re looking for flexible scheduling, tighter timelines, and efficient projects, let’s chat.

PLE Painting Winter Promotion Flyer

Contact our PLE crew today and request a free estimate for your winter paint job.



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