How To Identify Painting Trends and Adapt in 2020 and Beyond

Nov 23, 2020

In this blog post we’re going to talk about painting trends in Vancouver, specifically challenges for strata councils, building and business owners as well as homeowners that have upset the typical maintenance and painting landscapes.

 2020 has been a strange and unique year for us all. 

During challenging times, it becomes even more important to plan effectively and spend wisely. We’re with you! 

PLE has been working hard with our team, our clients, and our partners to adapt our strategies so we can continue to bring our best, and to help you, as our clients to get the most value possible.

With the influx of work we are seeing, here are 4 things to consider if you are thinking about hiring a painting company in 2020 or 2021:

1) More Demand: With all the uncertainty, many strata councils, homeowners, and businesses put capital improvement/maintenance projects (including painting) on hold in 2020.

As many of these projects are not optional in the long run, and we are spending more time at home than ever, wear and tear is still happening and these projects are still going to need to be done at some point. With that, we are already seeing a big demand for 2021

We recommend getting a quote from your painter sooner than later. Top local companies can book up fast!

2) Maintenance is best done on an ongoing/as needed basis: When it comes to painting, delaying needed work can have expensive repercussions from both an aesthetic and cost perspective.

If your budget is tight, top local painters can work with you to help determine what work is urgent and what can wait. At PLE we love to help clients build plans to help manage upcoming projects over time AND within your budget. 

3) Clear Communication: When looking to put together a painting project, choosing a company that offers clear, concise and comprehensive quotes/estimates is really important.

At PLE Painting, we prioritize putting together great estimates that are easy to understand, knowing that we are all on the same team as we work through your project.

4) Indoor Painting: With winter coming, the Vancouver painting industry basically moves indoors. As such, October thru March is a great time to plan and execute interior painting projects.     

Pro Tip: Local painting contractors will price more aggressively in the winter, so you can save money if you act fast. 

Going into November, there is a push to get quotes and complete projects before the holidays, so by acting sooner, you can ensure your favourite company will be able to prioritize your project.