Is it possible to paint in the winter?

Dec 9, 2021

Most people living in Canada have wondered about this question. Is it possible to paint in the winter? The quick and simple answer is yes it is possible to paint in the winter. The automatic assumption is that summertime is the ideal time to embark on any painting project, but it is very possible to paint the interior of your space in winter. We are diving into the many things to consider for a winter painting project and why we recommend winter as one of the best times to paint the interior of your space!

DIY? More like DI-don’t!

First, let’s dive into whether or not exterior painting in the winter is possible.

Exterior painting in winter is complicated and attempting a DIY exterior paint during winter can quickly turn into a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing. With so many project details to consider, our recommendation is to call an award-winning Vancouver painting company to book your interior painting project for winter and to project the ideal time to tackle your exterior paint. 

The challenges of exterior winter painting

Exterior winter painting projects require a careful calibration of painting techniques to counter the ambient conditions. It requires accommodating constraints brought on by low temperature, air moisture, and working in freezing conditions. Things to consider: 

  • The additional moisture in building materials on home exteriors due to snow/rain is not ideal for painting because the paint doesn’t sit well, and the paint can crack open in a few months. This is especially true for wooden exteriors. 
  • Winter temperatures in Vancouver can dip to sub-zero levels, which is not ideal for an exterior painting project. The ambient temperature should be above 2 degrees celsius for a painting job to be successful. 
  • A painting project may take longer than usual because days are shorter in winter and surfaces are colder. Shorter days also mean less time with daylight to work outside.
  • Winter weather can be unpredictable; it can be challenging to plan a project and finish it on time. No disrespect to the weatherman. 

Confused weather- Is it possible to paint in the winter

  • Winter temperatures might affect your paint selection. Many paints don’t work well in winter temperatures, and you need to buy paints designed for winter painting. 
  • Even if you find a paint that will work in sub-zero temperatures, there is still more effort to mix and tint the paint, apply the paint, and create even, smooth brush strokes. 
  • Winter paints can be expensive and can bump your project cost.

Best season for a painting project? 

There is zero doubt that early summer is typically the best time for any painting project, but there are benefits to a winter project that aren’t initially apparent. The idea of painting in winter sounds absurd and almost counterproductive to what you’d usually believe. In summer, you have beautiful weather and plenty of weekend hours to get the job done, so it would seem like the ideal time for any and every painting project.

However, summer is prime vacation season! It’s your time to enjoy the outdoors, barbecue with friends & family, and soak up the sun. If you want to make the most of your summer, consider having your interior painting done in the winter! Just think how much more convenient it is to manage family and friends in the winter compared to summer when schedules are hectic and days are packed with activities.  

The benefits of painting in winter

Now that we’ve reviewed the challenges of exterior winter painting projects, let us discuss the many benefits of having your interior painting done in the winter. 

  • Since winter is a low season for painting contractors, their costs are cheaper than those in the summers. Who doesn’t like saving money? 
  • Many expert professional painting companies are overbooked through the summer season. It is easier to find and schedule an award-winning Vancouver painting company in winter. 
  • Summers are busy times for everyone, and nobody wants to be stuck at home managing/overseeing a painting project when they can be catching a nice wave on the beach or hiking in the Rockies. It is convenient to schedule a painting project in winter.
  • Because of heating and less moist winter air, interior painting in the winter is beneficial. Due to low humidity levels, the interior paint dries faster and sets well during the winters. 
  • For property managers, office admins, and strata managers, a winter painting project means finding professional painting contractors at a reduced cost, easy scheduling options, and financial budgeting simplifications because of end-of-the-year allocation. 
  • In bigger construction projects, some exterior areas of the building can be painted in the winter. This piecemeal scheduling can help in freeing time in spring and summer to paint areas that cannot be painted in winter and finish the project on time. 


Interior painting in winter is a great idea with the potential to save you money and free up more time in the summer. Interior house painting in winter can help you better plan for exterior painting projects in the summer. 

Still unsure if a winter painting project is for you? We are working on a series of educational blogs on winter painting projects; stay tuned for more cool tips on winter painting!  You can also get a free estimate or call us if you’re planning an interior winter painting project and need professional help from an award-winning Vancouver painting company.