Everything you need to know about parking lot line painting in Vancouver, BC

Everything you need to know about parking lot line painting in Vancouver, BC

What is parking lot line painting?

Parking lot line painting is when a painting crew paints lines on a parking lot. The purpose of this practice is to help drivers know where to park their cars correctly to avoid getting parking tickets or damaging their cars. Parking lot line painting originated in Michigan in the early 1900s. Parking lot line painting in Vancouver is very commonplace because of strict parking requirements and laws in BC.

How is the parking lot line painting done?

This process starts when a parking lot is leveled and cleared of debris. The whole parking lot is then cleaned thoroughly to eliminate all dirt, oil, or other particles that may be there before the line painting can begin.

Once the lot is prepped:

  1. We mark off traffic with cones to separate where cars are allowed to park from where they are not allowed to park. Pro tip: By doing this, we save time by not having to paint on both sides!
  2. Then parking lot line painters begin their work by putting down a stencil covering an area of about two meters wide by three meters long.
  3. Now the fun part begins by spraying a line of paint across the stencil afterward.
  4. The last step is repeated until the painting crew is finished the entire parking lot. Of course, they take breaks and enjoy the friendly banter of working on a job site.

How long does it take to do parking lot line painting?

A parking lot line painting project can be done within a day since marking off an entire parking lot requires only a little time. It is saving you time, money, and downtime! However, if many car spots need to be painted or if there is more than one parking lot, then this job could take several days.

Who usually conducts parking lot line painting?

Typically, workers who receive training on how to conduct such activities are people with experience in the construction field. They know what safety precautions to take when painting near-moving vehicles. Parking lot line painters may also be people with experience in the automotive industry since they would know how to mark off cars without affecting them too much while still getting the job done.

And of course, painting companies are also quite adept at doing parking lot line painting. However, only a few painting companies have the range and talent depth to paint a swanky home in Shaughnessy and do a killer job of painting parking lot lines. Check out the lines we painted in the parking lot of Gleneagles Elementary School in West Vancouver.

Parking Lot Line painting in West Vancouver

PLE Crew at Gleneagles Elementary Parking Lot in West Vancouver

Why do parking lots need lines to be painted?

This practice helps car owners prevent any legal troubles such as parking tickets, and it also helps avoid damage that the car’s paint job may receive from accidental scratches from other drivers. Parking lot line painting/re-painting is helpful for:

  • Keeping parking lots fresh! The paint is not indestructible and does weather away over time, and the oil in the concrete eats at the paint over time
  • Preventing damage. Parking lot lines are the guidelines that prevent drivers from parking too close to each other

Best Parking Lots in Vancouver, BC

A discussion about parking lot line painting in Vancouver, BC, is not complete without discussing some of the best parking lots in Vancouver. Here are some of the best painted, scenic, and secure parking lots in Vancouver.

# 1 – False Creek

It is one of the most scenic parking lots in Vancouver as it has a great view of Stanley Park and Georgia Street. It also has high-quality outdoor security lighting, a multi-level parkade with easy access to ground level, an on-site car wash facility that is open 24 hours, audio speakers in the parkade, and a car charging station for electric vehicles.

# 2 – Olympic Village Parkade

This parking lot is perfect for parking your car or bike in Vancouver if you are looking for convenience and maximum security. It has over 600 spaces which means no more worries about not having a place to park your vehicle whenever you need it.

# 3 – The Tunnel

This parking lot is located at Hamilton Street between Davie Street and Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver. It has over 650 spaces of high-quality parking equipped with features like video surveillance, security fencing, concrete barriers, lighting, battery backup siren, and fire extinguishers.

# 4 – Pacific Centre Parkade

This parking lot is one of the most convenient places in Vancouver to have your vehicle parked at night since it is just a few blocks away from Robson Street, Yaletown and Gastown.

# 5 – Cambie Street Parking Lot

This small but high-quality parking lot is located near New Westminster and can accommodate up to 16 vehicles at a time, and it has an on-site car wash facility as well. It is open 24 hours, and you can use your wireless device to access it.

# 6 – China Town Parking Lot

The Chinatown parking lot is very close to the sky train and is one of the most secure places in Vancouver because it has a steel gate with an automatic door.

The last line

We hope that next time you drive into a parking lot in the lower mainland BC, you’d take a moment to appreciate the effort people and companies put into parking lot line painting. It might seem that parking lot line painting is easy and doesn’t require skills, but that is not the truth. It requires attention to detail, mad stenciling skills, patience, and years of painting experience.

Don’t hesitate to call us if your residential/commercial properties need parking lot line painting. We are just a few clicks away. You can also hit the call button on the right-hand side on the top.



Why Property Managers and Strata Councils Love PLE Painting

Why Property Managers and Strata Councils Love PLE Painting

In this blog post, you’ll learn why strata councils and property managers love PLE Painting

Most multi-family residences and many commercial properties in the Vancouver area are stratified, meaning the owners share in the maintenance and upkeep of their communal buildings and resources.

Strata Councils, usually made up of the individual owners, are created to organize and execute on the operations of these stratified buildings. These strata councils have huge responsibilities to their owners to efficiently manage their buildings and money.

To help with this, many strata councils hire Property Managers to assist them, utilizing their expertise and resources to spread the burden and lower risk to the strata.

As a painting contractor that specializes in working on multi-family residences and commercial properties, PLE Painting works both directly with Strata Councils and with Property Managers on behalf of their clients.

We have decades of experience in painting and building maintenance that our clients find extremely valuable as they create their plans and execute on them.

PLE Makes Property Managers and Strata Council’s job easy, by being the SMOOTHEST OPERATION IN TOWN. What does this mean, you ask?

Our process, how we add value for our Strata and Property Manager clients:

  • From the moment you engage PLE for a quote you will be dealing with experienced painting professionals. We build detailed quotes based on your expectations. We can make recommendations on what work is a priority and what can wait. We can build scopes of work to fit within your yearly budgets.
  • Once our quote is accepted and the project is booked, we will communicate with you clearly so you can plan our work and communicate with your owners/residents. We will ensure all pre-project setup work is completed and approved in plenty of time, so when we step onto the site to start our painting, there are no question marks and everyone will be on the same page.
  • Our skilled and experienced onsite leadership will execute on the plan we have built efficiently, safely, and quickly. Your project will not drag on unnecessarily; it will be completed in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Our onsite team and our project management team will communicate throughout the project, in the way you want us to, so you always have exactly the information you want, when you want it. We have identified lack of communication as one of the biggest problems in our industry, so we prioritize great communication at all times.
  • We will invoice you at the correct times, for the correct amounts, making your bookkeeping and payments easy.
  • At the end of the job we will ensure you are 100% satisfied. We do this every time, because we build ongoing relationships. We will not stand down until you are satisfied.
  • We will leave you with the paint information and colours codes for your records. Hopefully we will be your painters, but either way you will have the paint info you need to maintain your property and make it easy.If you are a part of a Strata Council or are a Property Manager, let us show you how being the smoothest operation in town can save you time and money.

Learn more about the PLE Difference HERE
Request a free estimate today. Our detailed proposals are designed to help you select a painting company with confidence.