Beyond The Bio – Featuring Ryan Smith

Beyond The Bio – Featuring Ryan Smith

We’re introducing our “BEYOND THE BIO” series! Every month we going to shine a light on one of our awesome crew members at PLE Painting, and not just surface-level talk – we dive in deep. You’ll learn about their story, their WHY, and the reason they continue to ride this wave with us.

First up is Ryan Smith, Lead Site Supervisor, and trim expert. He’ll be rounding up 6 years with us in May. Time sure flies.

Coming up to his 6 year anniversary working at PLE Painting, Ryan reflects on his career. From his first job in the trades to starting as a Vancouver painter, Ryan has found a rewarding place to work as Lead Site Supervisor at PLE Painting.


From Contract Work to a Thriving Career

Ryan first started in the trades sub-contracting for a cabinet shop and gained hands-on experience with the detailed and fine priming, sanding and finishing required in kitchen cabinetry.

When life brought him to B.C., it was during the winter season and Ryan expected a challenge in finding work because new builds, renovations, home improvement, and painting contracts generally slow down during the winter months. When he stumbled upon a full-time job opportunity in the dead of winter, he was impressed that PLE Painting was busy enough with winter painting projects to offer him a steady job.

Over his six-year journey from a junior employee to Lead Site Supervisor, Ryan has come to appreciate PLE’s dedication to providing job opportunities for painters year-round and leadership opportunities for painters who are willing to put in the work to a high standard.

Working for a company with high standards for quality and professionalism gives Ryan a sense of pride.

“We look professional and act professionally at all times. It just shows the type of company PLE is. They set the bar high and keep the standards to a certain level with any project.”

Steady employment, career growth, a team and painting projects he can be proud of have made PLE Painting the best company to work for in Vancouver.


An Environment to Grow Professionally and Personally

Since becoming Lead Site Supervisor, Ryan looks back and has a little giggle (yes, giggle) about his first few paint projects and how far he’s come. With Jay and Elliot’s support, he was encouraged to develop his skills both professionally, in fine finishing and detailing for high-end painting projects, and personally through leadership skills.

“I learned a lot over the years. When I look back at just the little things, I can see how far I’ve come. Specifically, spraying trim and having more of an eye for details. I now know how things are supposed to look and the standard that PLE looks for. Throughout the years, I was able to take on more responsibilities, and they put a lot of trust in me to run these jobs.” Now Ryan has the chance to support his team in their learning and development when he’s holding PLE Painting’s high standards in supervising detailed painting projects as Lead Site Supervisor.

Both Jay and Elliot expect a certain amount of leadership and hustle every day from the crew. They lead by example and hold their employees in that same regard when they enter the site.

Ryan recognizes the importance of Jay and Elliot’s encouraging and positive attitude on every element of the job. Most valuable was their transparency and the level of respect that is given.

Ryan has learned from the PLE Painting leadership team to value painters on the job as much as clients. Everyone makes the effort to look for and encourage the unique set of skills of different team members and help them master their craft. They don’t just hire “Vancouver painters” at PLE, they hire and develop skilled painters and there is always an opportunity for growth.


Ryan, Chief Site Super standing on-site

A Team That Wins Together, Learns Together and Supports Each Other

Did you know that research shows that a happy and positive workplace results in a 12% spike in employee productivity? The same study also revealed that unhappy workers and poor company culture result in 10% less productive workers. What’s for certain is that Jay and Elliot’s dedication to their team shows in longstanding employees like Ryan, as he reaches a 6-year milestone working at PLE Painting.

PLE believes in providing full support to their team and ensuring the team supports each other so that everyone is set up for success. Ryan shares, “Generally I’m working with 1-3 other guys and we have a mix of characters that work with us. It comes down to motivating guys each day, and showing them how we do things.”

The characters Ryan mentions come from all over the world – Morocco, Syria, Italy, Germany, Japan, and the list goes on. They’re all very different human beings, each bringing a different skill set. “Being part of PLE Painting means you’re part of the family, no matter where you’re from.” When you step onto a site you’re part of a team that wins together, learns together and supports each other.

PLE Painting crew standing outside of a worksite

Rooted in Community Building

The coolest and most memorable project Ryan has done while working at PLE Paining was the Nat Bailey Stadium, also known as “The Nat” to locals. It’s an iconic Vancouver baseball stadium located in the Riley Park-Little Mountain neighbourhood. The Nat is very much ingrained in the Vancouver community, sandwiched between surrounding neighbourhoods.

Fun fact: The iconic Vancouver landmark, Nat Bailey Stadium, has been painted twice by the PLE crew.



With Elliot and Jay growing up in the community that they now paint, community involvement is a pillar of PLE values. The crew is laser-focused on being Vancouver’s best painting company, with a duty to contribute their best to the people and the businesses in the community. This shows through the quality of their workmanship.

Ryan takes pride in the community aspect of paint projects and enjoys the versatility of the projects he’s worked on throughout the years. From residential to commercial, and high-end projects – the diversity and end-result when the paint job is finished are what he finds most rewarding. “You get to feel like you accomplished something at the end.”


A Winning Recipe For Business Success

“We’re like a family. Everyone feels supported and everyone’s doing good.”

PLE Painting provides the best opportunities for painters by providing supportive leadership, a positive work environment, a team that you can call family, and being the smoothest operation in town. It feels great to have a strong company culture but it’s also a winning recipe for business success! PLE Painting’s clients, from commercial general contractors, residential homeowners, property managers, and custom home builders have come to rely on PLE Painting because they know they have an entire team to rely on and a crew that is engaged and inspired to deliver on the promises the company makes.

It’s just the beginning for Ryan! Stay tuned. You can learn more about him and the rest of the crew on our team page. If you have high standards, a strong sense of teamwork, and you’re looking for a painting career with a growth opportunity, visit our careers page for more information!

The Best Paint Colours That Will Sell Your Home

The Best Paint Colours That Will Sell Your Home

Peak moving season is just around the corner! Are you looking to sell your home or wondering why your home hasn’t sold already? You’ve probably begun asking yourself: How can I increase curb appeal? How can I get potential buyers to perceive a higher property value? How can I set the tone for showings?

Believe it or not, poor paint colour choices might be the culprit. Colours command an effect on our psychology. It changes our mood even before we can realize it. Red, for example, may be associated with good luck and celebration, while for others could trigger a sense of urgency and panic. It’s true, the wrong paint colour could be undermining the sale of even the most well-furnished, tidy home. First impressions are everything, sometimes it can even be the make or break on a potential offer.

green plant in gray vase on corner

Now, we’re not claiming to be colour psychology experts, but we’ve partnered with experts in this field and interior designers over a variety of paint projects (shoutout to Medina Living Designs) and have noticed that the colours and shades that appeal most to the masses are, wait for it – neutrals. Warm and earthy neutral tones are replacing the popular grey, say 54% of design experts.

Warm Neutrals Are On The Rise

Why warm neutrals? Paint naturally influences spaces, affecting the mood of every room. This is an opportunity when selling your home to offer your buyers a “blank canvas” of opportunities. This year, as home and work lives continue to blur, comfort is on the agenda. Warm neutrals and earth tones are on the rise, while cool tones take the back seat. Earth-based hues create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere allowing the potential buyer to picture themselves living, cooking and lounging in the space without too much noise.

white and orange plastic chairs

Elevating Your House Fixtures

Another reason why neutrals have a universal appeal is that almost any piece of furniture or statement piece harmonizes perfectly with a neutral base. Light fixtures like an antique brass lamp or wooden frames all integrate seamlessly with beige, clay, or any neutral colour. Going for neutral colours will more than likely always provide a good first impression – increasing curb appeal.

Now that you’ve probably decided you want to take on an entire interior repaint, let’s help you set the tone for this new environment you are creating.
We suggest asking yourselves these questions first when looking at paint samples.

● Does this colour feel warm and inviting?
● Does this colour feel cold and boring?
● What kind of ambience and feeling am I looking to give off?

We find that asking these questions in the very beginning will remove any impulsive purchases of an “eggplant purple” that then, might attract a “teasing peach”.

Fun fact: When people think of neutrals, they usually lean towards the colour white. While 2021 trends actually show that white on white paint does offer a seamless and clean finish, we also suggest going for an off-white, beige, or greige to add a little bit of personality.

Need Help Picking a Paint Colour?

With neutrals, there’s an endless amount of samples to choose from. Palettes of greige (a warmer grey) highlight a warmer tone that adds that light and bright feeling, setting the vibe for the environment without coming across too cold. While it’s important to take time to pick the
right colours, don’t spend too much time. If you’re stuck on choosing the right colour, let us connect you with one of the pros.

To help, we’ve listed a few of our paint colour favourites by Sherwin-Williams, one of our trusted paint suppliers to help you get started.

Perfect Greige
Site White

minimalist photography of open door

It’s important to take some time reflecting and looking into the right colours. While the colour red we mentioned above represents success and good fortune, to a buyer, it can cause uneasiness and panic when entering a home. The value of a fresh coat of paint, however, is unmatched, and in the right colour will not only increase the chances of finding a buyer sooner but also boost home value.

We can help! Chat with a PLE Painting crew member today to request a free estimate!